Lads, you're leaving it a bit late

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Lads, you're leaving it a bit late

Post by Broar »

To: My good friends Rufus, Grumbold and Quatlu

Just a quick reminder to get your names in to aid my defence against these unjust and bogus charges.

I expect you've all been a trifle busy BUT being the strong advocates of justice, fairness & decency that you all are I know you will want to do your best to assist me.

Don't forget once I am freed it's a slap up meal and drinks for each of you PLUS free medical care for life!
Broar Hofarson
Future King of a new army
A hero unjustly treated
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Re: Lads, you're leaving it a bit late

Post by grumbold99 »

I'm terribly sorry not to have replied before now. I've been rushed off my feet as an anonymous client has requested that special product lines be rushed into production. With all the costumes being made for not one but two feasts this month, it really has been a struggle to get everything done in time.

Nevertheless, I have high hopes that if I keep working all hours, the detailed "Head of the King of the Broos" in lifesize and miniature, "Guilty!" banners and "I cheered at the the execution" robes will all be ready in time.

I would love to come and speak at your trial, but of course you will appreciate that the priorities of my returning customers must take priority over acquaintances.
Grumbold Rahlefson of the Locaem

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