A King as well as a God....BUT...War on Boldhome!

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A King as well as a God....BUT...War on Boldhome!

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People of Boldhome,

I've several things to tell you, firstly I think I should begin by updating you all on my Hero Quest to obtain the head of the King of the Broos!

Well, success! Yes, good old God Broar was easily able to defeat the Broo King, he was no match for my skills and prowess. It took me a while to track him down and, when I did, he put up a terrific fight to try and hang onto his head BUT.....chop...off it came and I was able to remove the crown he wore and get the rest of the Broo Nation to bow down in deference to me as the vanquisher of their King.

Now, here comes the good bit, so impressed were the Broos over how I had out fought him, how awesome my martial ability is that they asked me to become their new King!! Hurrah, hooray and hurrah again!

Thus I am now both a God and a King, a legend across the whole of Sartar and looked up to by simply heaps and heaps of folk. To those who previously sought to mock me or doubt me I say this gives a clear two fingers up to them all and it's time to start showing some proper respect.

What with me now being King of the Broos.....Broar of the Broos, it has a certain 'ring to it' don't you think.....my new subjects have told me about how terrible the inhabitants of Boldhome actually are, it's the Boldhomers who are the bad guys and not the Broos. You see all the Broos want to do is live in peace and without being hassled, okay so maybe a bit of disease spreading here and there and the occasional raid on some homestead or whatever BUT....BUT.....the Boldhomers keep on about them being chaotic and how they all need to be killed off. That, and I'll think you'll agree with me, is really shocking and quite unfair.

As most of you know I'm a reasonable man (God) and much prefer peace over all this war business, however I have a duty to my new subjects to keep them safe and therefore, after some discussion, I have decided to declare war upon Boldhome and wipe you all out before you can do the same to us. This means I shall not be returning to the City as a citizen - and especially not to face some trumped up charges about cowardice etc that are doubtless the machinations of that Evil Erik Starkraving - but as a conqueror and you're all going to have to either submit to me or get killed.

I shall allow you until the end of Fire Season to send me your response, that's being fair, but if you don't then.....well, I think you know what's coming.
Broar Hofarson (aka Broar Broarson)
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