Great news for Mularik's Company

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Brear Hofarson
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Great news for Mularik's Company

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To: Rufus & Co

I've heard from cousin Broar (via the old Mindlink magic that he has) to say he won't now be coming back to Boldhome - well, except to kill us all - and thus he will no longer be the Regimental Healer for your regiment.

As I feel a little guilty, solely due to being a relation of Broar's and for no other reason, forget all this nonsense about Broar being me and me being Broar etc, silly rumours and gossip from drunks in a Inn somewhere, I thought since I am also a Chalana Arroy Initiate I can replace him to make up for it. That way we all benefit, you get a new healer and I help absolve past misunderstandings!

What I'll do is tell the Eleven Lights lot I'm moving on and get my stuff all sorted out in time to join you at the start of the new season, once Late Fire season is over and you're all back from the Front. I'd love to join you now for the remainder of the campaign but being a responsible person it's not right for me just to pack up and be away without giving my current regiment some notice, it's a shame that they're not at the Front with the rest of the regiments as, if they were, maybe I could have transferred over straight away. Anyway I'm sure there will always be next Campaign season for me to fulfil my role as a healer.

Best of luck for the remainder of the campaign.

Your friend and future colleague,

Brear Hofarson
High Priest of Cult Broar the Benevolent
Initiate of Chalana Arroy
Lay member of Eurmal

P.S - Erik, no bad feelings about the costume business at the recent Feast thingy I went to, being relatively new in Boldhome I'm still familiarising myself with the City and I'd never been to one of these Trickster events before. I didn't know what to wear and so asked Broar (via the old Mindlink magic again) and it was he who suggested that I wear a costume that he had already made up as he was expecting to attend but was away on his Hero Quest. Of course, once we're regimental colleagues you can rest assured I won't wear it again.......still, I bet you can at least see the funny side eh, as loads of other people did!
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