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Brear Hofarson wrote: Sun Apr 14, 2024 8:57 pm While everyone is waiting why not take the time to consider some of Brear's exciting magical items that are up for sale! Noble Quatlu has already been offered these at EXTREMELY reasonable, if not bargain, prices and I'm sure a similar arrangement can be made for others who are interested.......Chalana Arroy Defence Charms, Broar the Benevolent Backpacks and, who wouldn't want one of these, the Eurmalian War Frog!

Just arrived we also have several Dragonewt Eggs of Immortality, these are going for 200 lunars an egg which, if you think about it, is an absolute steal to guarantee yourself a quick rebirth should you ever end up dead for any reason. Each one comes with it's own magic incantation that is revealed to the buyer at point of sale and, as with all items on offer, comes with a full refund upon demand should there be any problems at all, but I'm sure there won't be.
I think "Brear" has been taking a correspondence course sold by one Mr CMOT Dibbler on "How to get rich quickly by conning people". What he doesn't seem to realise is that the scams never worked properly for Throat Dibbler, and won't work for "Brear" either.

(OOC: But it is entertaining watching him come up with even more far fetched ideas, I look forward to him trying to sell the title deeds to the Red Emperor's palace.)
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Love the Corgi... and the feeling is mutual! Oh boy, oh boy! :lol:
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