Riffraff with ideas above your station be warned

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Riffraff with ideas above your station be warned

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I, Ivarenna Hainasdaughter of the Balmyr, announce my intention of attending the King's Autumn Feast in week 4.

I will also be attending ceremonies at the temple of Orlanth during weeks 2 and most probably 3.

Unless they are entertaining a death wish and desire to cross blades with me (and I should make it known that I am quite a dab hand with both the sword and the spear) then any riffraff with ideas above their station should steer well clear of me. I am happy of course to fight duels to first blood, having no wish to deplete the ranks of our regiments in this time of war.

[ooc a noble meeting a non-noble of CHA 4 or more higher than theirs gives rise to mutual cause for an instant duel]
Baroness Ivarenna Hainasdaughter of the Balmyr
Aide to Enstalos, the Balmyr Tribal King
Initiate of Orlanth
Ten-thane in the Eleven Lights
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