Oh no, what's that you can't make it Uncle but my sister can!

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Brear Hofarson
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Oh no, what's that you can't make it Uncle but my sister can!

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Dear Uncle Bruar,

I have received your letter saying that pressing matters have arisen back at home which have precluded you coming to Boldhome, that's a real shame as there are so many opportunities for the Hofarson family here, despite a certain degree of bias against us.

However, I am heartened to learn that my dear sister, Broaranna Hofarsdaughter, is on her way instead! She's such a sweet lady, delicate, considerate, intelligent and, obviously, a person in her own right with her female clothing, ginger pigtails and impressive bosom, looking absolutely unlike any of her male relatives. Ok, she may be a tad big-boned, as they say, almost masculine in some ways but us Hofarsons have always been that way, even the ladies, and it must be the Dwarven blood in us where the ladies sometimes have the old 5 O'clock stubble thing which can be embarrassing for them but in no way should that be regarded in a derogatory way or used in cheap jokes of accusing them of being men in drag!

So, I can only hope that Broaranna has more success than the rest of us, that she isn't persecuted simply because she is a Hofarson, I mean Hofarsdaughter, and that decent people allow her to establish herself as the lady that she is because even if people were sceptical - needlessly of course - of the male Hofarsons, Broaranna, being a Hofarsdaughter, is clearly a lady and so no-one should want to start issuing duel challenges against a lady or trying to intimidate her or anything. That just wouldn't be right and I hear she is interested in becoming a trader, opening up a shop, selling great merchandise to people.....wow....that's sounds a really nice and decent thing to do, as I'm sure people will agree....Hooray for sister Broaranna, all the best to her.

Broa...no...Brear Hofarson
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