A complaint to the Money Lenders 'Guild'

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A complaint to the Money Lenders 'Guild'

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To: Whoever is in charge of the Money Lenders of Boldhome

I wish to object in the strongest terms to the refusal by members of your trade to grant me a loan, based upon some 'bad debts, accrued by my relatives Broar and Brear Hofarson.

These two fine fellows are currently undertaking Hero Quests so it's no wonder why they haven't had the chance to repay their loans and it's certainly not a reason to deny me, a fair young woman, recently arrived in the City. I'm a person in my own right and I've financial needs, how am I supposed to get myself established without the 1,100 lunars I asked for?! I could cause a scene, you know, make it very difficult for you and your associates with a certain Deputy of Public Harmony so what about we avoid any unnecessary problems by reaching a compromise....you stand me for 550 lunars, half of what I originally asked for, and I'll take matters no further.

Have the money sent to me at the Chalana Arroy Temple, on the usual terms of repayment after 6 months.

Broaranna Hofarsdaughter
Regimental Healer, Twin Spears
Chalana Arroy Initiate
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