Babeester Gor

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Babeester Gor

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Just wanted to suggest a rule change for Babeester Gor (this was Ondureen's cult of course). No immediate urgency so as and when.

"The cultists of Babeester Gor are called the Axe Sisters. They are all women, and swear oaths of celibacy and devotion, forsaking all love except towards their goddess."

"Like the Humakti, the cultists of Babeester Gor have Severed themselves from society."

So how about making the Babeester Gor cult like Humakt?

Namely:- May not have intimate companionship (but suffer no consequences from the lack of it), marry or have children.

Separately there are currently no HeroQuests for Babeester Gor. Some of her myths are described in the link ... Blood Beer and/or Healing Valley are possible candidates.

Quotes are source: ... er-gor/amp
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