1631 - 9 (Early Dark) - Appointments etc

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Re: 1631 - 9 (Early Dark) - Appointments etc

Post by Fionn »

Fionn renews his application to be Aide to a Balkoth Chieftain.

He also asks Lt-Warlord Dangak Esynsson to retire, as the strain of leading the Free Philosophers is clearly affecting his health.
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Re: 1631 - 9 (Early Dark) - Appointments etc

Post by Ivarenna »

It was five days ago that I, Ivarenna of the Balmyr, entered the Red Beaver; my senses immediately assailed by both the stink of vomit and the raucous banter of the down and outs of Boldhome. I found my way to a small round wooden table in the corner, caught the eye of one of the many serving maids and shouted out for a flagon of ale, barely making myself heard over the cacophonous din.

I spied at the next table one Bjorn Bullbreath of the Princeros, bastard son of a poor noble, but doing quite well for himself, having recently advanced to Assistant Runelord of Orlanth. "Hail Bjorn", I cried out in greeting. "Hail Ibawenna", he responded. He sounded drunk. He pulled over his chair, joining me at my table. "I am angry", he stated, "Broaranna of the Malani has insulted a clanswoman of mine by the name of Oneldna Yankasdaughter. Broaranna has called her a harlot. Worse still, she threatened to have her cousin Broar set broos upon poor Oneldna unless Oneldna agreed to let Broaranna have her way with her. She is really quite distraught and does not know what to do."

Bjorn rose from the table. An imposing figure of a man. There was an immediate hush in the inn as the crowd sensed that a critical juncture had arrived. Bjorn addressed the silent throng. "I Bjorn Bullbreath of the Princeros swear this before all present. By all powerful Orlanth himself, I will hunt down and kill that witch Broaranna, before three days are out." He took out his knife and drew it slowly across his palm, letting the blood drip into his ale. He then downed the tankard in one. "So I have sworn."


Four days after Bjorn came to me, wildeyed and frenzied. "She is like a ghost, I cannot find her. I have looked high and low. What I am I to do? I have been a fool. I am forsworn."
"You must do the honourable thing, friend, you have no other choice."

[ooc Ivarenna calls upon an Assistant Runelord of Orlanth to resign, as he has committed a major cult taboo.]
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Re: 1631 - 9 (Early Dark) - Appointments etc

Post by Ivarenna »

Ivarenna applies to become Assistant Rune Lord of Orlanth. If her application is successful then she accepts the position.

Ivarenna applies to become god talker of Orlanth. Unless she has been offered and accepted the assistant rune lord position then she accepts this one if offered.

Ivarenna applies to become Aide to a Jarl. If her application is successful then she accepts the position, resigning from her position as Aide to a Tribal King.
Baroness Ivarenna Hainasdaughter of the Balmyr
Aide to Jarl Minonast Gargson of Wilmskirk
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Re: 1631 - 9 (Early Dark) - Appointments etc

Post by Erik »

To Bjorn Bullbreath,

Sir, I have been told of your recent oath to avenge your clanswoman Oneldna Yankasdaughter against the gross insults inflicted upon her by the rogue Broaranna. I can but commend your sense of honour in making this pledge, but perhaps you should have heeded the teachings of Orlanth better and, like a good warrior, planned your campaign before rushing in. By making your vow time limited you have granted your foe a victory over you, had you thought beforehand and not given yourself a period of a mere 3 days to claim your vengeance you might not be in your current situation. You might also have thought that Broaranna has insulted many people and others, beside yourself, wish to see her rendered to justice.
I fear that the lady Ivarenna is correct, your only path now is to resign your hardwon post of Assistant Runelord in order to atone for your foresworn vow. You can then, after a suitable time, once more attempt to rise in the hierarchy of Orlanth, cleansed of your fault.

Erik Stargazer
Assistant Runelord of Orlanth

(OOC: Erik joins Ivarenna in calling for the Assistant Runelord of Orlanth to resign).
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Re: 1631 - 9 (Early Dark) - Appointments etc

Post by Broaranna »

To Bjorn Bullbreath,

I've just heard the news, the news about you wanting a duel, vengeance or whatever over some trivial words expressed to some cheap harlot who chose - for some unknown but doubtless nefarious reason - to spurn my kind offer of companionship.

Now, in your defence, I'm aware of the rumour that you may have been somewhat the worse for drink but that's still no reason for you to make such bold and extravagant threats and claims that you'd vanquish me in a mere 3 days. Clearly I must accept the fact that you were 'under the influence' as otherwise you'd have been unlikely to challenge me, it's no secret that although I'm a 'lady' of peace and harmony my blade is deadly when need calls and I'd have doubtless filleted you like a flapping fish had we actually crossed weapons. Still, I believe it's the Dryads who say every cloud has a silver lining' which is most appropriate in this instance as that means you're still alive! Lucky you, see it hasn't turned out too bad for you and being the nice person I am I'm more than happy to let bygones be bygones and we need mention nothing more about it.

What say you we share a few jars together in my Inn, the prestigious Scribbled Scroll, I'll even buy them for you and we can become great friends, I'm sure. In way of some advance camaraderie allow me to pass on some advice to you.....don't listen to all these people going onto you about resigning and suchlike, that's a total over-reaction upon their part and they've, of course, got an ulterior motive in that they want you cult post! Blatant opportunism, in fact!

So, Bjorn, my good friend in waiting you stay put there in the Orlanth hierarchy and if it's a duel you still feel that you need to clear your name why not challenge them instead!

Best wishes,

Broaranna Hofarsdaughter

P.S Just to confirm again, it's all forgotten and I'll be making no mention of the fact that by issuing your challenge / oath etc and failing to deliver that makes me, by default, the victor of the matter between us and you the big old loser. Will never be mentioned again by me, sadly though I can't say the same for the many people around Boldhome who I've overheard in the streets and Inn's talking about how Broaranna put Bjorn to shame, how he (you, that is) was beaten by a woman and a healer at that......

OOC - Broaranna calls upon the Assistant Runelord to stay in post.
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Re: 1631 - 9 (Early Dark) - Appointments etc

Post by Erinestra »

grumbold99 wrote: Wed Jun 05, 2024 1:54 am Hundred-Thane Grumbold Rahlefson thanks Warlord Quatlu for his invitation and agrees that now that his social rank befits the role, he intends to purchase the Lt Warlord position.

He then berates the mid-ranking cult membership of Issaries for plotting to stymie the efforts of one of the more successful merchants in Boldhome to expand into larger premises by seeking month after month to block his progression in the cult. He cites Erinestra as a shining example of modern commercial practices and exhorts them to promote her to Rune Lord forthwith, and calls upon the worst examples of slipshod stocktaking at the god-talker and assistant runelord tiers to step aside and make room for those more devoted to ensuring the prosperity of Boldhome.
And Erinestra also applies to be made a Rune Lord and will use her influence to encourage an assistant rune Lord to step aside so that Grumbold, an inspiring trader of the first order, can be made up to that level.
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Re: 1631 - 9 (Early Dark) - Appointments etc

Post by Afur »

Afur applies to become a God-Talker of Orlanth,
Afur Brekalisson
First son of a Thane of the Colymar tribe
Warlord of the Colymar Cavalry
God-Talker of Ernalda, the Earth Mother
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