1631 - 10 (Late Dark) - Rules Updates

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1631 - 10 (Late Dark) - Rules Updates

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If no evidence is provided when reporting someone to the City Lawspeaker and/or the Deputy of Public Harmony, they will order an arrest on 7+ on 1D6.

Military Academy attendance requires a military rank.

Merchant Guild Trade School updated.

Rules for drugs (hazia) added.

Clarified that commanders must specify that they bring their command (or parts thereof) if they volunteer for the front, or they will volunteer individually.

Clarified that refusing a promotion does not earn you a Mention in Battlesongs.

As already announced, the rules on leaving a cult will be updated the upcoming Sacred Time.

Remove the limit of the number of jarls. I had a vision of a limited number of jarldoms, but it only causes problems, like how to remove NPCs to make room for player characters.

Rework Healing, Homeland Lore etc to skills. BR 1 or 2 gives the effect. This change will harmonize these abilities with the rest of the system, including teaching.

Wills and testaments.
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