Erinestra, we can clean up here!!

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Erinestra, we can clean up here!!

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My dear friend and long term vendor,

I'm just dropping you a quick line to say how I'm prepared to 'cut you in' on a mega business opportunity wherein we jointly launch a range of 'Justice for Broar, 'Free Broar', 'Broar is innocent' merchandise within Boldhome.

Imagine Erinestra, with the public clamouring for my freedom and to be found not guilty of all charges the good folk of the City are bound to go wild for any Broar items they can get their hands on!! With your established merchant business and my image / name I can see us raking in the lunars here, you may even have to buy a separate building just to store all the lovely lunars in!!

Since you're such a great friend I'm prepared to split all proceeds 50/50 with you as well as throwing in free medical care for life. All you need do is put up a bit of capital to start us off and we'll be up and running, 400-500 lunars should easily be enough to cover that and you're odds on to have twice as that back within the first month. Of course, once I am free then we can work on a new range of items that I'm already thinking through as I write this to you.

Also, if you want to come along and speak up for me at the Trial, you know how I've always been a great customer, very reliable, very polite etc that's certain to put you in a most favourable light with the people of Boldhome and, thus, more customers! Every way's a winner!
Broar Hofarson
Future King of a new army
A hero unjustly treated
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