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Garoor Vinvuyrson

Post by Puckohue »

Please welcome Garoor Vinvuyrson, the second son of a poor Aranwyth cottar.
Brear Hofarson
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Re: Garoor Vinvuyrson

Post by Brear Hofarson »

Dear Garoor,

May I be the very FIRST to welcome you to Boldhome.

Unfortunately we won't get a chance to meet as I'm just off on a Hero Quest to find Lankhor Mhy so he can give me a letter proving my innocence of a number of dastardly charges that have been falsely laid against me.....however, my sister Broaranna Hofarsdaughter is on her way to the City so will be a fellow newcomer like you.

What a great idea it would be if you two could meet up and become really good friends, makes sense doesn't it, especially as there are some real villains out there - like Erik Starkraving, a total psychopath who seemingly only exists to challenge people to duels and cause suffering and discomfort in the world, you definitely need to look out for nutters like him!

Anyway, my sister is going to be opening a shop so perhaps you'd like to become her first customer? She is bound to have some really great bargains there which you could have on discount! Would an Eurmalian War Frog interest you? How much have you got in the way of funds because even if it's not much you could sign up to a staggered payment arrangement whereby you can pay a set amount each month but get the goods straight away!!

Please get in touch with me, I mean her, and something can be worked out.

Brear Hofarson, on behalf of Broaranna Hofarsdaughter
Saviour of Boldhome
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Re: Garoor Vinvuyrson

Post by Ondurga »

there are some real villains out there - like Erik Starkraving, a total psychopath
Erik Stargazer, Lieutenant Warlord of Mularik’s Company and God Talker of Orlanth - and, currently, my employer - is an honourable and decent man. You insult him at your peril. I challenge you to a duel.
Ondurga Yorisdaughter of the Bachad
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Re: Garoor Vinvuyrson

Post by grumbold99 »

Welcome to Boldhome, Garoor.

You arrive at a time of celebration. The army has returned from the field to celebrate its successes and mourn its fallen, so the streets will be thronging with activity in the coming months. I wish you every success in finding your footing in this magnificent place.
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Re: Garoor Vinvuyrson

Post by Ivarenna »

Welcome Garoor! Ivarenna Hainasdaughter at your service!
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Re: Garoor Vinvuyrson

Post by Quatlu »

Hail and well met, Garoor! Permit me to welcome you to Boldhome and the exciting life that is now ahead of you. It can be a little daunting to make your way about, and you may have questions which need answers. We have a small group of experienced warriors who meet regularly each month at a small local pub named the Pea Pod, and we welcome new arrivals to come and get answers to perplexing situations. You are invited to come and join us for an ale or the beverage of your choice, and to ask any and all questions you might have. The Pea Pod is located in the Forum section called Boldhome Talk, so come and join us to share your aspirations and help open some of the doors that stand before you. You can also go back through the record of Pea Pod entries for previous months and learn many useful bits of information.

We hope to see you soon!
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Re: Garoor Vinvuyrson

Post by Erik »

Welcome good Garoor! Boldhome is welcoming back it's gallant troops from the summer campaign, this is a good time to talk with them and see if there are any regiments you would feel at home in. Alternatively you could talk to the lady Erinestra or to Goodman Grumbold about a career in trade. In any case you should decide on a cult to join, many have chosen Great Orlanth although that now means much competition for promotion in the ranks of the Temple of Orlanth.
One extra possibility is to accept a post as a servant, at least for a few months until you are established. I am in need of a Cook at my Small Mansion and this pays 4L per month (and you do not need to worry about finding your own support). I will be happy to grant you an extra week off, so you would need to work for 2 weeks in the mansion and have 2 weeks for your own business. If you are interested please let me know. Ondurga Yorisdaughter currently acts as my housekeeper, you might talk to her about the advantages of taking the post.

I wish you well

Erik Stargazer
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Re: Garoor Vinvuyrson

Post by Garoor »

Thank you,

It is my ambition to follow in the footsteps of my fellow tribal warriors. I will join the cult of the Storm Bull and seek a military career.

Death to Chaos!
Garoor Vinvuyrson
Second son of Vinvuyr Goalson, a poor Aranwyth cottar
Lt Warlord of the Thieves' Arm
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Re: Garoor Vinvuyrson

Post by Julian »

Welcome Garoor, I hope you will thrive here. I came to this place destitute and am slowly getting involved in life here. If i can be of service please get in touch. Julian
Julian Sartarvutson
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