Discount offered as Silk and Sapphires expands

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Discount offered as Silk and Sapphires expands

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Citizens of Boldhome!

I, the proprietor of Silks and Sapphires, am proud to announce that we are expanding into new premises. As promised in the spring, while I continue our focus on high fashion items of bespoke clothing and jewellery, we will now supply a full range of leather goods and uniform for the military. I know many of us will be keen to acquire new items after the travails of the recent campaigning season. A change in rank, a change in figure due to extended exercise, a loss of limb, items lost on the move, an urgent need for more saddlebags to carry your war spoils; whatever the reason, we have the products for you and offer a tasteful monogramming service for all kit items. You never know when items can get muddled up among the troops in a sudden advance or tactical relocation.

We will also offer a few small novelty items at token cost, just for amusement. A replica Eurmalian War Frog trinket, an imitation Dragonewt "Egg of Immortality" and perhaps the most ambitious, a life-size "Head of the King of the Broos" pinata. Probably as effective as the real thing, but guaranteed safe for your children to play with or amuse your guests.

This month we are delighted to offer a 20% discount on all purchases to new and returning customers alike. This includes both normal expenditures and bespoke clothing ordered for the King's Autumn Feast.
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Re: Discount offered as Silk and Sapphires expands

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thanks Grumbold. See you in week zero!
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