The 4 H's party Spectacular - Week 4

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The 4 H's party Spectacular - Week 4

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Look, I'm aware that the Hofar name has taken a bit of a battering over recent seasons, due to the, perhaps, excesses of my Cousin Broar and my Brother Brear, but they're not me (obviously) and so I wanted to make it up to everyone, to prove that we Hofars are decent folk at heart so what about we 'wipe the old slate clean', forgive if not forget, by all coming along to a spectacular party that I'm going to be hosting at my soon to be Inn, The Scribbled Scroll.

I'm calling it the 4 H's party because the them is a collective of Happiness, Harmony, Health & Hugs...awwwwh, nice eh! What's more because I'm simply rolling in lunars, and more are on the way, I'll treat you all, I'll pay for your refreshments, you can even party wild if you want as money is no issue for me and I just want everyone to have a jolly good time!

Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of Tribe or Cult and because I will have embraced the ranks of the Initiated of the Blessed Mother Chalana Arroy by that time I don't have to worry about any of that duelling business so I won't be challenging you or accepting any, it's all just fun time with sweet Broaranna, the 'Blossom of Boldhome', as I've heard some already refer to me.

So, let's get the Hofar name back on the up again, make it a name everyone wishes to be associated with and let the good times roll.

Love and kisses to you all,

Broaranna Hofarsdaughter
A Lady of Peace and Harmony
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