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New Party date

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Dear friends,

Due to Cult commitments I am changing the date of my previously announced party to WEEK 4 of Late Earth Season (OOC - this coming turn, to confirm) INSTEAD of WEEK 3.

The venue is the Scribbled Scroll Inn and everyone is welcome....well when I say psychopaths, or people that impose bans on other people joining regiments...oh, and no Colymar we don't need any of those who are regimental enemies of whatever regiment I'm currently in, is it Mularik's Company..,ah, no the Twin enemies of the Twin Spears. Apart from that everyone is welcome!

The theme of the party will be to celebrate the victory of Broaranna Hofarsdaughter over Evil Erik Starkraving, in a duel scheduled to take place at the Dragonsgate.

Love and kisses to you all,

Broaranna Hofarsdaughter
Regimental Healer of the Twin Spears
An all round lovely person
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