To the Lt.Warlord of the twin Spears

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To the Lt.Warlord of the twin Spears

Post by Erik »

Honoured Silamath Senrenradnason of the Twin Spears
I note that your regiment has a great and honourable history. I call on you to enhance that reputation by volunteering your squadron for the front in Early Dark

Erik Stargazer
Lt. Warlord Mularik's Company
Assistant Runelord of Orlanth
Aide to City Lawspeaker
Colymar Tribe

(OOC: Erik asks the Lt. Warlord of the Twin Spears to volunteer his squadron for the front)
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Re: To the Lt.Warlord of the twin Spears

Post by Broaranna »

To: Lt.Warlord Silamath Senrenradnason
Commanding Officer, Twin Spears Regt

My good Lt Warlord, and may I add highly regarded friend

Please don't listen to the deluded rantings of your opposite number in Mularik's Company, one Erik Starkraving, aka 'Itsy-Bitsy' Erik. He has recently sought to contact you with sugared greetings and false flattery concerning our regiment that seeks to conceal his desire to have us shipped off to the Front while he, himself, remains cosy and pampered back here in Boldhome.

You may already be aware, but in case you are not, that the fellow is a lunatic, a blood crazed lunatic to be precise, whose seeming sole reason for existence is to invoke chaos, death and bloodshed unto others. It's no secret that there is a growing movement within the ranks of his own regiment to have done with the man, either by hook or by crook, as the tyranny of his deputy command of the regiment has caused much unrest and consternation amongst the troops....albeit with a certain amount of hilarity as the poor fool is known to be 'hung' like a baby carrot and two peas!

As our regiment's esteemed and much respected, not to mention extremely able Healer I implore you to simply toss away his letter and, instead, look to ensure that the regiment remains in the City wherein we can devote more time to training and tactical awareness. What's more this will also give me more time to administer to the troops needs and really get to know them so that I am able to provide the very best in medical care when our time does come to actually take up arms against the foe.

I'm sure you recognise that all I say makes total sense, while what mad Itsy-Bitsy Erik just spouts out is lunacy. Good man Silamath, make us all proud, make us a regiment to be truly feared by our enemies and one that is known as the best in the King's Army.....definitely better than that Mularik's lot.

Sincere and harmonious regards,

Broaranna Hofarsdaughter
Regimental Healer, Twin Spears
A true lady of peace and harmony

OOC _ Broar...ooops, I mean Broaranna requests that the Lt Warlord of the Twin Spears does NOT volunteer the regiment for the Front.
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