To the Adjutant General

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To the Adjutant General

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To the noble Otip Natalraethninsason, Adjutant General,

Sir, You have I believe an outstanding warrant for the arrest and trial of Broar Hofarson for desertion when he failed to accompany the regiment, Mularik's Company to which he was attached as regimental healer, to the front. However you may not be aware that he did not leave Boldhome for his tribal lands, but instead changed his appearance and called himself Brear Hofarson. He has now repeated the trick when threatened with a cult tribunal of Chalana Arroy and now calls himself Broaranna Hofarsdaughter. The fugitive can be identified by any of the Officers and Men of Mularik's Company who were serving at the same time as the wretch, including myself. I humbly request you arrest and try the deserter as soon as possible.

Erik Stargazer
Lt. Warlord Mularik's Company
Assistant Runelord of Orlanth
Aide to City Lawspeaker
Colymar Tribe

(OOC: Erik asks the Adjutant General to arrest and try Broaranna (Broar) for desertion)
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