Glad to see you home Rufus

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Glad to see you home Rufus

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To: Rufus Bronzer
Warlord, Mularik's Company

Welcome back Baron B, so happy to hear all went well on the old ransom lark and that you're now safe & sound back here in Boldhome.

I'm not sure if you're aware but the Hofar family offered a contribution towards your ransom, in fact we were one of the first to step forward to do so, but there was some kind of communication breakdown and no-one came along to collect the lunars off of me. I was even prepared to co-ordinate the ransom myself and travel all the way into Lunar territory with the funds, in spite of the considerable danger posed in doing so, but a number of overly cautious and suspicious individuals - that Erik Starkraving was one of them, did you know - spoke out against it! If only they'd have allowed me to do it Rufus, dear chap, you'd have been home sooner and probably in better shape but, sadly, it wasn't to be.....many's a night since that I've laid awake thinking why would someone in your own regiment, indeed your direct subordinate (that Erik bloke again) be against someone rushing the ransom out as a matter of priority? I guess you're maybe thinking the same thing as me eh.....perhaps that someone didn't really want you back....maybe they wanted to see you kept there so they could assume command......shocking thought smoke without fire as the Aldryami say!

Still, let's not dwell on the negatives, you're back and that's the main thing, plus, of course, that I was going to chip into the ransom, don't forget that one. Now that you are back what about sorting out the current regimental Healer vacancy you have, I can fill it for you and then you know you've got an ally in case there are any more shenanigans by treacherous Lt Warlord types. I'll be watching your back friend Rufus, a spare set of eyes and ears for you as well as a damn fine healer for the lads...just give me the nod and I can quit these Twin Spears losers and be straight over to you.

Best wishes and loyal regards,

Broaranna Hofarsdaughter
Chalana Arroy Initiate
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